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Coparent counseling is a service available to coparents experiencing troubles with communication, boundaries, or simply dealing with tension. Coparenting counseling is helpful to parents to find new ways to improve effective ways to navigate disagreements while best supporting the child(ren) in between homes. 


1. Decrease litigation and the risk of future litigation

2. Improve and support healthy and appropriate boundaries between parents

3. Practice, support and enhance healthy forms of communication between parents. 

What to expect

Coparenting counseling is divided into 3 types of services: individual, parent, and team sessions. Sessions are designed to best support the current parent dynamic in a safe supportive way while identifying the parents strengths and challenges. The sessions are defined as: 

    - Individual sessions: these sessions are for the biological/custodial parent to address     

      their specific needs and challenges without the fear of increasing tension between

      parents. Individual sessions are up to 60 minutes and can include step parents and other 

      supportive parties involved in the child(ren)'s care. While other family members can be

      included, it is important to focus on the individual parent's needs and multiple people

      can decrease the use of time focused on just the parent. It is HIGHLY recommended that

      the first session be individual sessions for each parent at different times. 

   - Parent sessions: parent sessions are focused on joint sessions with only the two parents

      involved in the custody agreement/disagreements. These sessions run up to 90 minutes.

      For these sessions to be successful it is important that individual parents demonstrate the

      ability and willingness to wait their turn to talk, refrain from negative/derogatory

      statements, and allow the other person some grace to struggle without using session as

      a means to impact any current or future court case. If any of these are unable to be met,

      the session will be terminated.  

   - Team sessions: When the parenting unit shows the ability to demonstrate healthy and

      beneficial behavior in parent sessions, it is ideal to have step parents and parents in

      sessions to help create and foster healthy communication and supportive planning for

      the benefit of the child(ren). These sessions must be specifically requested and approved

      by the coparenting counselor prior to setting the appointment. These appointments can

      run up to 2 hours. 

Cost of sessions can range depending on what parties are involved. Sessions can cost up to $75 per parent. If you would like a cost estimate before hand, please let us know. 

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